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Wild Harvested Ostrich Fern Fiddlehead -  The fiddlehead is the young, coiled leaves of the ostrich fern. They are so named because they look like the scroll on the neck of a violin (fiddle).

  • Ethically foraged in the Catskills & Hudson Valley area
  • Sustainably harvested by hand,
  • 1/2lb Bag

    Cooking Tips

    The most popular way to cook fiddleheads is the same way you would prepare Brussels sprouts or similar foods. They should be boiled in water for about ten minutes, then blanched to keep them from getting too soft. Always boil or steam for at least 10 minutes, because they can carry a toxic substance that produces food poisoning symptoms in some people, if they are not well-cooked. They are best eaten immediately. Refrigeration tends to curl and soften them, making them less tasty. Fresh fiddleheads can be refrigerated for up to a week, however.


    Our Food Fix

    Our fiddleheads grow locally in the wild, making them the freshest fiddleheads around. Our farmers also use proper harvesting techniques, leaving 50-65% of the crop un-foraged to ensure it comes back the following year. With these practices in place, we can continue to bring you wild foraged fiddleheads for years to come.

    Meet Your Farmer

    Tivoli Mushroom Supply, NY

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