What is Crop Rotation?

November 29, 2022

Watch Wen-Jay discuss crop rotation here.

Why should you care about crop rotation? Because it's a really great way for farmers to grow organically and not have to use any chemicals. 

Crop rotation is when farmers take different varieties of veggies and rotate them throughout the same plot of land throughout the year. Instead of planting the same vegetable in the same spot each year, they rotate them around the farm to support soil health. Different veggies have different nutrients in them, which diversifies the nutrients in the soil. Healthier soil means healthier vegetables. 

Also, pests always remember where their food source is so if you keep moving around the crops every year and every season, it confuses the pests and keeps them away from the veggies. This means there's no need to use pesticides or chemicals to keep bugs away, so the crops can be grown organically.

Overall, crop rotation is one of the best ways to farm. It benefits the soil + the earth and allows farmers to grow without harmful pesticides. This means organic veggies full of flavor and nutrients. 

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