The Best Vegetable and Fruit Halloween Costumes

October 27, 2018

Sure, you could dress up like your favorite Twin Peaks or Stranger Things character, but you'll be in a sea of Elevens this Halloween. Stand out at the party, tap into your spirit veggie/fruit and dress the part. Below are some Local Roots approved costume ideas. Tag your food focused costumes @LocalRootsNYC! 
(All photos grabbed from the internet and are not original photos)


Ever heard of a baby broccoli? They're the cutest in the NorthEast! Get your green pom poms out, find a onesie (or green spandex and a green shirt) and super glue.

Asparagus is in season around May, but it's best as a costume in October.


Best couple costume? We think so! They're like two peas In a pod; orange ya glad we made that joke?

Love the greens by carefully gluing green paper together and add your favorite salad toppings.


Get the crew together and make an epic salad. 


Most of these fruit aren't local to NY, but this is too cute to leave off. 

Which is your favorite veggie/fruit costume? Do you have the skills to make one of these at home? We believe in you!!

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