3 ways to use excess milk

November 17, 2022

Don't cry over spilled milk. Watch Wen-Jay discuss 3 ways to use up that milk in your fridge before it spoils here.

1. Did you know you can freeze your milk? Pour your milk into a tupperware, leave some room at the top so when it freezes and expands it won’t burst open your container. When you thaw it out you can use it for baking.

2. French toast. Soak your bread in milk, add warming spices and serve with maple syrup for a sweet breakfast or dessert.

3. Bread pudding. Soak your stale old bread in milk and bake into bread pudding for a yummy treat. Its one of the ways we at the Local Roots Market + Café use excess food and turn it into something really delicious.

Try our pasture-raised milk for all your dairy needs:


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