"I joined because of its flexibility of selecting items a la carte, a user friendly site, and its multiple pick up locations. It's a great way to force oneself to primarily eat vegetables and other produce and thus eat out less and stay healthy! Also I love being able to choose a food source that is locally and sustainably grown. Almost every time I try a local Roots fruit for the first time, my mind is blown"
- Sheena Zhang

“I don’t have to think about going to the market or what I’m going to cook or if what I’m eating is healthy or not. Local Roots is just so easy and so delicious! After tasting Local Roots’ fresh produce, there’s no going back!” 
- Phoebe Gittelson

"I can’t tell you how much I appreciate being able to truly eat naturally, thanks to Local Roots!"
- Bo Headlam

"Once I found out about Local Roots, and did the math on how much I was getting for the price, I realized it is a true bargain for the fresh produce and eggs — on top of knowing where and how the food is produced. I am currently signed up for a weekly veggie, fruit, and egg share, as well as bi-weekly bread. While it has all exceeded my expectations, the eggs are the most compelling factor. I don't eat meat, so buying eggs was always problematic, because I know the cheapest ones at the grocery store are produced in bad conditions and even the supposedly more "natural" providers can be misleading. Not only do I know for certain the eggs from Local Roots are truly pasture-raised (and non-gmo), they're also the best tasting ones I've had in a long, long time." 

- Alex Lauer

"I love being a Local Roots member -- I feel like I'm part of a community. We're committed to supporting local agriculture, and we're rewarded with very good food. Everyone usually hates Wednesdays, but since they've become my pick-up day, they're become my favorite weekday.
When I get to cooking, I feel like I'm in an episode of Chopped, using my mystery basket to whip up something fresh, healthy, and satisfying. I also love getting vegetables I've never handled (or even seen before), like pointed cabbage (how is that a thing?), romanesco, and funky-shaped summer squashes. It's always good. I also think Local Roots does a good job with its newsletters and Instagram. I look forward to seeing posts from our farmers or the dishes that the other members cook up. "
- Victoria O'Neill

"Thank you to you to you and your whole team for the wonderful service that you provide, to families, to farmers, to the earth."
- Joy Setton

"I did some digging on Local Roots and really loved the varieties they offered. I was recently diagnosed with MS and had to overhaul my diet--no fatty meats, no butter, no cheese, no pre-packaged foods with preservatives--the list of restrictions goes on. Basically fruits and vegetables were my only safe bet. Now, my weekly fruit pickups are my saving grace. So far the strawberries have tasted like candy and blueberries like butter. Its making me forget about the foods I cant have.
When I go to the grocery store to shop for myself, I always buy the same things. I end up with weird stuff---what am I going to do with seltzer, chicken thighs, and frozen berries!? Using Local Roots makes me try foods I wouldn't buy for myself, and all I have to do is pick it up."

- Rob Corrado, Bushwick Member

"We had a dinner party and ended up supplementing our Local Roots share with some mushrooms fromt he co-op. There was just no question in the difference in taste. Local Roots' mushrooms tasted 100 times better!"
- Nathan Dorr


Growing up in Upstate NY, I’ve always lived sustainably but it was hard to find ways to do that in NYC til I started getting my food through Local Roots NYC. With my busy schedule, I didn’t have time to do all the research for products that aligned with my values, but I trust the farmers and brands Local Roots works with.”
- Ashley M, Greenpoint member


“I love Local Roots NYC. Even though I’m an adventurous eater and cook to begin with, it challenges me to try new greens and veggies that I wouldn’t necessarily buy otherwise. I also love that you can try different food options throughout the year because you offer a whole lot more than just vegetables.”
– S. Blau, Bushwick Member


“I appreciate what you do. The sunflower sprouts are insane! I’ve researched them and not only are they fantastically delicious, they supply a load of nutrients. Thanks for introducing me to a new food!”
– P. Quartuccio, South Street Seaport Member


“I don’t say thank you enough to you or the gang. The Local Roots Farm Share is one of the highlights of my week! If i had one word to describe the Local Roots it would be ‘Pukka’ which means first class or great in the UK’.”
– P. George, Boerum Hill Member


“The strawberries we got in the summer were the best and juiciest I have ever had, did not know they could be so good!”
-Local Roots Member at NYULangone Health, Alexandria Center


“This is my first CSA or Farm Share and it’s the best part of my day. I look forward to it every week. Thank you for bringing it to our office.”
– Local Roots Member at NYULangone Health

Become a Harvest Club Pick Up Location

Are you a NY based cafe, bar, or neighborhood business? Become a Harvest Club pick up location and have community members come to your establishment each week to pick up their Local Roots harvest.