Farms and Producers
Our farmers utilize sustainable growing practices and are responsible stewards of the land. They are committed to nurturing their soils so it is fertile for years to come. Any food waste is used to feed animals or is composted and put back into the land. We work with producers within a 250 mile radius of NYC, which means we are cutting down on unnecessary gas miles. Your food also has minimal packaging, if any, and we ask you to bring your own reusable bag to pick up your food each week which means minimal plastic. Unlike other companies that create food waste due to over-ordering, our markets are predominantly subscription based through our Farm Share so we only order have as much food as we have customers.

Fighting Food Waste

Every year in the United States, six billion pounds of perfectly good fruits and vegetables go to waste due to being "imperfect" or growing abundantly on the farm without a market to sell at or staff to harvest. There's other reasons food gets tossed or overlooked; 85% of our food waste is on the consumer end. Often, we throw away food because it’s been sitting out too long or we don’t know how to store it properly.

We're fighting food waste on all fronts by offering a Zero Food Waste share of foods that would normally be discarded, and providing culinary education of how to cook all parts of your vegetables from stem to leaf. 

Help us eliminate food waste and make the most out of the labor and resources our farmers put into their harvest.

"I’ve always lived sustainably, but it was hard to do that in NYC until I found Local Roots NYC. I trust the farmers and brands Local Roots works with aligns with my values."
- Home Delivery Member

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