Brooklyn Brewery

Deep in the heart of Williamsburg, just steps from McCarren Park, you can now pick up your veggies from the OG Brooklyn local biz.

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Market Day: Wednesdays, 5-8pm

Market Location: 79 N 11th Street

Vibe Check

Wood-paneled and constantly bubbling with energy, the Brooklyn Brewery is the ideal combination of hang-out space, meeting point, and of course, produce pickup. The bar is lined with a rotating selection of beers on tap, all brewed in house, so that you can kick back and relax while supporting your favorite local businesses.

Markets with Benefits

The Brewery, founded by two home-brewing buddies in 1988, is still independently owned and locally made — and by locally made, we mean actually made in the building. Not everyone can say they do their grocery shopping in Brooklyn’s pioneer microbrewery.

More to Love

We’re so excited to welcome the Brooklyn Brewery into our community with this new market site. Brooklyn Brewery’s market will be open to employees and Williamsburg residents alike - what better way to get to know the people behind your favorite lager or IPA? This market site embodies everything we love about small, local economies, and we can’t wait for our members to be a part of it.


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