Week 6, 4/21-23

April 17, 2020


1 lb rutabaga
1 bunch Savoy spinach
1 lb parsnips or 1 head green leaf lettuce
2 lbs yellow onions
1 lb white potatoes
Shady Brook Farm, PA
Marolda Farm, NJ
Lancaster Farm Fresh, PA
Hepworth Farm, NY
MX Morningstar Farm, NY


1 lb rutabaga
1 bunch Savoy spinach
1 lb parsnips or 1 head green leaf lettuce
Lancaster Farm Fresh, PA
Marolda Farm, NJ

Zero Waste

2.5 lbs mixed LR zero waste
Various Farms, NY/PA


1 lb mixed Asian pears
2 lbs mixed Fuji/Cameo apples
Myers Produce, MA
Wilklow Orchards, NY

Premium Meat

1 pack chorizo or Irish bangers
1 pack beef patties
1 pack pepperoni or pork belly or skin-on pork belly or bacon
Sugar Hill Farm, NY/Stryker Farm, PA
Happy Valley Meat, NY
Jacuterie, NY/Stryker Farm, PA/Fleisher's, NY/Hawthorne Valley Farm, NY

Meat Classics

1 pack ground beef
1 pack bacon or pork cutlets
Stryker Farm, PA/Acabonac Farm, NY
Jacuterie, NY/Stryker Farm, PA

Pork Free

1 pack whole leg chicken or ground beef
1 pack ground veal
1 pack eye round steak
Locust Point Farm, MD/Acabonac Farm, NY
Hawthorne Valley Farm, NY
Acabonac Farm, NY


1/2 lb maitake mushrooms
Primordia Mushroom Farm, PA


1 loaf or 1/2 loaf sesamo rustica
Orwasher's Bakery, NY


1/2 gal whole or low fat milk
Battenkill Creamery, NY


1 dozen or 1/2 dozen eggs
Yellow Bell Farm, NY


1 pack Gouda
Hope Springs Dairy, PA

Salad Mix

1/3 lb baby watercress or salad mix
AeroFarms, NJ

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