Week 6

May 03, 2018

1 lb black radish OR 1 bunch of Hakurei turnips 
¼ lb baby arugula
1 lb fingerling potatoes 
1 bunch of leeks
1 bunch spinach

Taproot PA
Marolda Farms, NJ
Greater Tater, NY
Aero Farm, NJ
Eagle Road Farm PA
Poughkeepsie Farm Project, NY

1 lb black radish OR 1 bunch Hakurei turnip
1 bunch of spinach
1 lb fingerling potatoes

Zero waste
2 lbs mixed veggies
Multiple Farms

1/2 lb Golden Oyster Mushrooms
Primordia Farm, PA

Alaskan Black Cod
Acme Fish, NY

Locust Point Farm, MD


Gluten Free
Loaf of bread
Free Bread, Queens

1 lb box Zucca
Sfoglini, BK

1 Whole wheat loaf
Orwasher's, NY

Peruvian Medium Roast
The Dark, Dark Roast

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