Week 3, 6/19-21

June 15, 2018


1 bunch kale — Brooklyn Grange, NY
1 lb mixed squashes — Morningstar Farm, NY
1 bunch French breakfast radish — Taproot Farm, PA
1 bunch spring onions — Taproot Farm, PA
2 heads bok choi — Taproot Farm, PA


1 bunch kale — Brooklyn Grange, NY
1 head blanched friseé — Morningstar Farm, NY
1 bunch French breakfast radish — Taproot Farm, PA

Zero Waste

1 item Local Roots zero waste — Various Farms, NY/PA
1 lb "The aphids ate the leaves" turnip bulbs — Brooklyn Grange, NY 


1 quart strawberries  Reeves Farm, NY *Might be loose, bring container/bag.


6oz herbed fresh chèvre  —Hoofprint Cheese Co, NY


1 pack finocchiona — Ends Meat, NY


1 lb chorizo  Stryker Farm, PA
1 lb beer bratwurst — Stryker Farm, PA


2 bottles mixed shrub — Finger Lakes Harvest, NY

Meat Alternative

1 pack savory tempeh burgers — Barry's Tempeh, NY


1 tub salted or unsalted — Ronnybrook Farm Dairy, NY

Salad Mix 

1/2 lb arugula — Brooklyn Grange, NY

Every Week Bread

1 loaf #1 corn bread — Orwasher's Bakery, NY

Every Week Milk

1/2 gallon milk — Battenkill Creamery, NY

Every Week Eggs

1 dozen eggs — Stryker Farm, PA

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