Produce Spotlight: Gai Lan

October 10, 2022

  Gai Lan With Fried Shallots: Teoswa (Chaoshan) Food With Diana Zheng | The  Mala Market

The truth is local produce isn't as culturally diverse as we wish it was. Our founder's mom doesn't recognize kale or swiss chard so she doesn't think local produce is for her. What's grown on farms determines who's buying the produce and vice versa. 

As a WOC-owned business, cultural diversity and making all cultures feel comfortable with local produce is important to us. We're constantly working with our partner farms to grow culturally diverse varieties that still thrive in the Northeast soil and climate. This is why, months ago, we gave our farmers our veggie wish list— one of the veggies on that list was gai lan. We crop-planned with MX Morningstar so we could bring gai lan to Harvest Club members this fall.

Gai lan is common in Chinese cuisine. It's a brassica, and family member of Chinese broccoli. It's extremely nutrient dense and a rich source of vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin B. The long stalks are sweet, while the dark leaves are more bitter and earthy tasting.

The most common way to cook gai lan is a simple sauté with oyster sauce or garlic. We also love it in stir fry with other favorite veggies. Or, blanch it and add to your soups and ramens this fall. We know you'll fall in love with this new, local veggie!


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