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Sun-Popped Classic Popcorn (Add-On)

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It may be classic, but this popcorn is far from ordinary. Perfectly popped kernels meet a flavorful seasoning of salt and nutritional yeast for a satisfying afternoon snack, movie night treat, office pick-me-up, or flavorful addition to your lunchbox. No need to feel guilty, it's made with simple and nutritious ingredients, and we promise we won't tell if you eat the whole bag!

  • Made in NY
  • Natural, gluten free, vegan
  • Non-GMO corn from Hudson Valley or the founder's family farm in Minnesota
  • Ingredients: Non-GMO popcorn, Safflower Oil, Nutritional Yeast, Salt
  • 3oz bag

The Problem

We know what you're thinking: popcorn is the cutest snack, what could be the problem? The biggest problem with corn is the fact that it's a commodity crop — this means crops are grown at intensely high volumes with the purpose of being traded and sold instead of direct consumption or processing. Just three crops dominate the commodity market in North America (corn, soybeans, and wheat). With very loose regulations on growing practices, genetics, and quality, even organic-labeled grocery store popcorn can come from facilities & distributors woking with non-organic GMO corn growers. 

Our Food Fix

BjornQorn is proud to only use non-GMO corn for their popcorns. By sourcing their corn from trusted farms in the Hudson Valley as well as their founder's family farm in MN, they avoid contributing to the problems that come with the corn commodity market. They're completely transparent when it comes to their ingredients and this level of quality and freshness can be tasted in each bite. Plus, they use solar power to pop their popcorn, making it the ultimate environmentally conscious snack!

Meet The Maker

BjornQorn, NY

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