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Potato Burger Buns 1/2 Dozen (Add-On)

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Look no further – these potato burger buns are the fluffiest, most flavorful bread for all your pulled pork sandwich and hamburger needs. Slice them in half for a nice toasty edge or reheat them whole for pillowy soft dinner rolls. 


      • Pack of 6 buns
      • Handmade in small batches by  Native Bread and Pastry in Brooklyn, NY
      • No preservatives 

The Problem

Mass produced bread has been stripped of nutrients, full of sugar and made with preservatives to help extend the shelf-life. It's made from wheat that's been sprayed with chemicals, putting farmworkers health at risk and damaging the environment.


Our Food Fix

We source our bread from local, artisanal bakers like Ravenna Wilson of Native Bread, who has spent 10 years perfecting her craft, making bread and pastries in her own commissary. Native Bread believes in organic, unbleached and unbromated flour because it tastes and behaves better. (Bromate is considered a carcinogen and is often added to flour to strengthen the dough.) Above all, they believe in taking the time to make the product correctly from start to finish. They know that their skill and technique will provide the shortcut.

Meet Your Baker

Ravenna Wilson- Native Bread and Pastry

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