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Pink Oyster Mushrooms (Add-On)

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Pink Oysters are a stunning variety of oyster mushroom – they have a bright coral-pink color with caps that look like intricate flower petals. They have a seafood aroma and can be cooked til crunchy to make a great bacon or ham substitute! The texture of this mushroom is chewy and meaty and requires extra cooking (about 20 minutes) to bring out optimal flavor and texture.

  • Grown by Peat in Brooklyn, NY
  • 1/2 lb mushrooms

The Problem

Your store-bought mushrooms are likely already past-their-prime and harvested on a mass scale that doesn't allow for the specific attention to detail that's needed to ensure that each mushroom is harvested at its peak flavor. Dull, bland, and aged mushrooms are commonplace at the grocery store, which ends up giving these magic umami ingredients a bad reputation for poor flavor and texture.


Our Food Fix

These mushrooms are grown hyper-locally in Brooklyn, just a short drive away from us! That means that their freshness and flavor is unparalleled because there's no transit time or mystery about how long they've been sitting on the shelf. You might be shocked at the difference it can make to eat mushrooms with a firm, yet buoyant texture that are so welcoming, you might just pop them into your mouth and eat them raw before you get around to cooking them. 

Meet Your Farmer

Peat, NYC

What Locals Are Saying...


We had a dinner party and ended up supplementing our Local Roots share with some mushrooms from the co-op. There was just no question in the difference in taste. Local Roots' mushrooms tasted 100 times better!

Nathan D.
Local Roots member

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