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Organic Vegan Yogurt (Add-On)

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Cocojune has crafted the creamiest, tastiest plant-based yogurt around. It starts with natural, clean ingredients like organic coconut, that give it a light, refreshing taste. There's no added sugar, so you know you're getting just the good stuff. Add to fresh fruit or Organic Walnut Granola, blend into a smoothie, stir into a creamy pasta sauce, pair with a cucumber salad, or drizzle with local honey for a perfect morning bite. 

  • Organic, Vegan
  • Ingredients: organic coconuts, spring water, organic cassava root, vegan probiotic cultures
  • 16oz container

The Problem

Vegan yogurts are marketed to be healthier and better for you, but in reality, they're often full of sugar and lacking in nutrients and vitamins. Some have up to 24g of sugar per container! They also tend to contain stabilizers, chemicals and other unnatural ingredients that extend shelf life. That's why it's always best to look at the ingredients to see what you're putting into your body.

Our Food Fix

Cocojune is making vegan yogurts that not only taste amazing, but are actually good for you. They only contain 2g of sugar per container and are full of fiber, calcium, iron, protein and probiotics. This comes from their use of ingredients that are natural, organic and free of GMO's and toxic pesticides. Your body, and your tastebuds, will thank you for eating this vegan yogurt!

Meet The Maker

Cocojune, NY

What Locals Are Saying...


Growing up in Upstate NY, I’ve always lived sustainably but it was hard to find ways to do that in NYC until I started getting my food through Local Roots NYC. With my busy schedule, I didn’t have time to do all the research for products that aligned with my values, but I trust the farmers and brands Local Roots works with.

Ashley M.
Local Roots member

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