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Wild Alaskan Salmon (Add-On)

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Our Wild Sockeye Salmon is caught by hand in Alaska by fisherman Christopher Nicholson. He's the 3rd generation in his family to fish these vibrant, firm-fleshed salmon on a small 20-foot long fishing boat. True Wild Alaskan Salmon (see transparency issues around the fishing industry below) is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and omega 3 fatty acids. Fisherman Christopher's salmon has been praised by chefs at Blue Hill at Stone Barns and is sushi-grade.

      • Caught by hand in 20-foot long skiffs (think: small boats)
      • No antibiotics or hormones, wild caught
      • Never farmed or genetically modified 
      • Approximately 1.5 lb fillet of premium, wild sockeye, flash frozen

The Problem

There is minimal transparency in the fishing industry because it's hard to monitor what happens out at sea. The NYTimes found that 1/2 of the fish at restaurants and grocery stores labeled "wild caught" were in fact mislabeled and farm raised. Farmed salmon are fed more antibiotics per pound than any other livestock in North America. Industrial fishing techniques out at sea can result in salmon not returning into the wild due to over fishing.

Our Food Fix

Fishing on 20 foot boats preserves the quality of their fish and protects fish from being crushed under hundreds of tons of other fish, or roughly-harvested with industrial machinery.  Since 2010, they have been inviting individuals to take part in their sustainably managed (MSC-certified, Monterey Bay Aquarium-recommended, and Environmental Defense Fund "Eco-best choice") wild sockeye salmon fishery, as shareholders in their harvest. Our close relationship to fisherman Christopher and check-ins during the fishing season allow Local Roots an opportunity to provide you with a transparent and sustainable supply chain from sea to city.

Meet Your Farmers

Christopher and the family at Iliamnia Fish

What Locals Are Saying...


Local Roots meat is handled with care and you can taste it. There are no preservatives, nitrates or funky chemicals. It's super fresh.

Jenn de la Vega
Chef & Cookbook Author

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