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The Juicing Bundle (Add-On)

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How Do Subscriptions Work?

Say hello to your new one-stop-shop for all juicing needs. This bundle comes with the freshest fruit + veg of the season that will take your morning juices and smoothies to a whole new level. Pair with Organic Oat Milk or Yogurt for the ultimate natural energy drink!

  • Comes with 1 bunch carrots, 1 bunch kale, 2 lb apples
  • Grown by local farms

The Problem

Fruit and veggies from supermarkets are oftentimes doused in pesticides, even so-called “organic” produce. US Consumer Reports tell us that there are traces of almost 30 different pesticides in the average American body, many of which come from our produce. In fact, almost a third of the produce the USDA tested has residues from two or more pesticides, and the effects of such chemical mixtures are still unknown.


Our Food Fix

Instead of offering our community chemical-ridden produce, we source local and organic produce that are more nutritious, flavorful, and ethical than those at your local supermarket. Our farmers are passionate about freshness and taste as well as the environment, and it shows in the care with which their produce and land is cared for.

Meet Your Farmer

Mix of farms in NY, PA, VT
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Weekly Subscription:

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