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Strawberries (Add-On)

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Conventional strawberries are #1 on the "dirty dozen" list this year meaning, out of all produce varieties, they contain the highest amount of pesticide residue... yuck! Our strawberries are locally grown using integrated pest management practices and are sweet and juicy as can be– watery, pale grocery store strawberries just can't compare. Add to your morning yogurt, cook down into jam, bake into a pie with rhubarb, or snack on them all day long. There are endless ways to enjoy strawberries, and we know you'll want to get your hands on them before the season ends. 

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        • 1 pint
        • Grown by Row by Row farm in NY or grown in Lancaster County, PA
        • Orders placed now will be available for pickup or delivery in early June. The exact distribution date depends on when these gems are ready to harvest. We will keep you updated!

The Problem

80% of strawberries in the US travel over 8,000 miles before arriving at the grocery store. In order to make sure they get to NY before they rot, they're picked underripe, causing them to lack flavor and nutrients.


Our Food Fix

Our strawberries are grown on small farms in NY and PA using integrated pest management and travel only about 100 miles to you. They're picked at peak ripeness for maximum nutrients, flavor and joy! They travel just a few hours to you, so you get more nutrients and flavor per dollar.

Meet Your Farmer

About — Row by Row Farm
Row by Row, NY and Lancaster, PA

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