First Time

Hi! We just met but I feel like we're going to get along really well. Let me tell you more about what makes us so damn cool.

"Local" for Local Roots means farm to city in 2 hours or less; that commute can be as little as even half a mile thanks to our partnership with a NYC rooftop farm. Unlike most companies that market products as "local" without any set standards for that word, we have guidelines we stick to. 

Our farmers utilize sustainable growing practices and are responsible stewards of the land. They are committed to nurturing their soils so it is fertile for years to come.  We visit our farmers and ask them series of questions to ensure they meet our requirements. Our growers are feeding you food that's good for you and good for the Earth.

Flavor forward

We specialize in food that tastes so good your eyes will light up and bring a smile to your face.

We hand pick farmers who are experts at their craft. They nourish the soil which creates a healthier and more flavorful vegetable, they've had generations of experimenting with varieties to find the most flavorful fruit, they taste test in the fields and they value a flavorful variety vs one that simply yields more volume.

Not only is our food grown nearby and has a short commute, but it's always fresh and does not sit in a supermarket warehouse or shelf for days. That means our farmers can harvest at peak flavor instead of selecting produce underripe so it can last longer on a store shelf. 

Yup, that's right - not all local food is made the same, and we only work with the best. tru


Environmentally friendly
Our food loves being naked. It comes to you with zero or minimal packaging so your kitchen is filled with gorgeous produce, not wasteful plastic. 

Okay, we're done bragging about our values and would love to take this relationship to the next level. Order a one week starter kit below and fall in love our food before committing to a season. 

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What is Feel-Good Food?

Sustainable Farming

Our partners care for their land and surrounding ecosystems with regenerative practices like crop rotation, natural pest management, and water conservation. We visit them regularly, and know our standards are being met.

Humane Care

All animals deserve to live with dignity and do their thing! That means room to roost and pastures to roam. Ours grow up natural and strong, so they don’t need hormones or antibiotics.

Super Local

All our food is grown and raised within a 2-hour radius of NYC so you get only the best our region has to offer. Produce is picked to ensure maximum nutrient density and peak-flavor — even the time of day matters!

Minimal Packaging

When you shop local, you don’t need packaging that protects for a long haul 
and lots of handling. Your food comes au natural so your kitchen (and our planet!) has less waste and plastic.

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